Overview and History


The routes to some of the rich heritage and many historical treasures in the South Cobb zone are marked in the Georgia Pacific and Southern railroads; a historic field hospital museum of the Civil War near the Hooper Turner House on Oakdale Road; the Six Flags Theme Park; over 60 miles of Silver Comet Trail from Smyrna to Alabama; the River Line residential community; the Concord Covered Bridge and the Gann-Love-Hill House. A plethora of modern shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, recreational parks, ball fields, public and charter schools, churches and moderate to million-dollar homes in this burgeoning community, also make South Cobb an extraordinary place to visit and live. Most impressively, our towns of over 300,000 residents, just 15 miles west of the Atlanta Metro area, has the greatest diversity in all of Georgia.

Our Past

Supported by railroad commerce, areas like Austell, Mableton, Vinings, Powder Springs and Smyrna thrived as bustling towns before the Civil War. Later, General William T. Sherman and his U. S. troops would out-maneuver Southern brigades who went on to destroy Atlanta by fire during the Civil War. Despite the River Line forts and Shoupades in Cobb County designed to stop Sherman and his men, the battle was devastating to the South and among the bloodiest in the U. S., with a loss of 12,000 lives in this region alone. Places such as the notable Mable House were transformed into nursing posts to mend the wounded. Built by African Americans, models of the Shoupades are displayed in area museums, and actual remnants can be seen along the Chattahoochee River Line. Other casualties of the war were significant, including the New Manchester Manufacturing Company; the luxurious 500-hundred room Sweetwater Hotel and Lithia Vapor Baths; the Ruffs grist mill, as well as many residential homes.

Our Future

The plans for economic development to revive South Cobb neighborhoods are exciting. Our deep legacy is entrenched in landmarks like Sweetwater Creek Park and Russ Mill; the River Line residential and retail complex; Six Flags Drive Industrial Park; the Light Rail from Austell to Vinings; the Mable House Amphitheatre and the Mable House Museum and Arts Center. During the Taste of South Cobb, a History Tour will promote the ultimate experience of our jewels and assets.