ENJOY LUNCH AND/OR DINNER on the Mable House Barnes Amphitheater stage. RESERVE a table or listen FREE in general seating! Either way, you will be treated to performances of these extraordinary artists and musicians.  Any contributions for these concerts, sponsored by South Cobb Arts Alliance, are tax-deductible and benefit C.A.M.P. and Amateur Advocate Association, Inc.

Kayla Taylor RETROGRADE. Atlanta based Retrograde fulfills its name with a nostalgic trip back Retrogradeto the roots of folk-rock. Guitar & voice alone provide a truly organic musical experience, in tribute to the likes of James Taylor, Carol King, Joni Mitchell, Phoebe Snow, Stevie Wonder, Simon & Garfunkel and a host of like artists. A veteran of the jazz and rock scene, Kayla delivers a world class performance with every classic tune and is accompanied by the unique style of seasoned guitarist Steve Whitworth. Pour the wine…

Kerry Ayres & RAMBUCTIOUS. Having fun with friends and making good music is what RAMBUNCTIOUS! is about….good times and good tunes. Playing classic hits and interpretations of blues and other styles, the band has been entertaining audiences since late ’89, and has no intention of slowing down now.

Gena Chambers & PHISHSTICKS.
It was one hot night of entertainment! “Wow” was the word of Gena Chambersthe hour as six finalists and two alternates demonstrated that they’ve got what it takes when it comes to vocal talent, stage presence and star power. But when the judges’ numbers were scored, it was Gena Chambers’ soul-studded performance of If I Were Your Woman that captured the highest score, the judges’ praise and the audience’s cheers during her premier in Charlotte, NC. She lights up the stage as lead vocalist for the well-known, Phishsticks band.

BROWNE AND TAYLOR.  Judy Browne and Marvin Taylor have crossed paths many times over Browne & Taylortheir years in the Atlanta music scene, both in live performances and in recording studios, and always looked forward to working together on a permanent project someday. That day arrived when they decided to begin The Browne And Taylor Project, and began their duo as Browne And Taylor! Today, they bring their own unique style to R&B, Pop, Rock and Jazz at festivals, parties, restaurants and many venues around the ATL.

Barbara Joy & STEVSteve Nicks Tribute BandIE NICKS TRIBUTE BAND. After years of listening and singing along to Stevie Nicks records, Barbara discovered that she had the singer’s pronunciations and phrasings down pat. She decided to try a solo gig performing as Stevie at a gay bar in Cincinnati and a career was launched. “Stevie has a big gay following, so I knew if the guys were impressed then I must be doing something right.” Barbara has portrayed Stevie in a number of her incarnations, but her favorite is the late 80s/early 90s Stevie from the Rock A Little and Other Side of the Mirror era. “I think that time in her solo career was so distinctive, with the big hair and big shawls. It’s instantly recognizable.” Once she moved to Georgia, Barbara put together the current line-up of White Winged Dove and started booking gigs around metro Atlanta.  Along with fronting White Winged Dove, Barbara Joy also makes her own Stevie inspired costumes. Her designs became so popular among fans, that she opened her own online store, Joy Shoppe, that sells Stevie-inspired jewelry and clothing.[AtlantaINtown].

11:30 Stevie Nicks Tribute Band
1:00   Browne & Taylor
2:30  Kerry Ayres and Rambunctious

Table change, then:

4:00  Kayla Taylor & Retrograde
5:30  Gena Chambers and Phishsticks

Package deals:
$100 – (2) wine passes, 2-$20 Taste ticket pack and 1 Table for six, per concert
$75 – (2) $20 Taste ticket pack and 1 Table of six, per concert
$50 – (1) Table of six, per concert
*Concert without table is free of charge.